Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patient satisfaction improves

Congratulations are in order for the significant increase in our second quarter patient satisfaction scores! When we focus and work together as a team, our patients reap the benefits of a positive healthcare experience. Our second quarter results indicate that the inpatient and Emergency Department surveys have earned their highest scores to date. In addition, our combined outpatient scores show a positive and steady increase.

Hospitals across the nation are required to participate in patient satisfaction surveys offered by certified vendors. Our patient satisfaction results are gathered and reported by the National Research Corporation (NRC). NRC randomly selects patients to fill out a survey in an attempt to measure their satisfaction of the services received at our facility. Once all surveys are collected and the information is compiled, quarterly satisfaction results are tallied by the NRC, compared with national and regional scores and sent to Orange Regional. We then analyze the data and make adjustments where necessary while celebrating the successes where indicated. In addition, our satisfaction scores are submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and are publically available on the internet for patients to view and consider when making their healthcare choices.

Patient satisfaction surveys are designed to measure the “patient experience”. A positive experience influences how our patients rate their overall stay. Every interaction with a patient is important and is the responsibility of each and every employee, physician and volunteer. Remember, survey questions are not limited to clinical topics. They include questions that relate to kindness and compassion of the staff, demonstration of team work and camaraderie by all employees and whether the patient perceived staff members to hold each other accountable for delivering quality care.

Our priority at Orange Regional is excellence. By continuing to keep the patients’ comfort and favorable experiences forefront, as a team, we will continue to earn credibility and trust as a quality healthcare institution that people choose as their provider of choice.

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