Sunday, September 12, 2010

new hospital taking shape

Construction of your new hospital is rapidly taking shape. While it is still an active construction site, there are areas in and around the structure that are now well defined. We remain on schedule with an anticipated completion date of April 2011. Construction of the exterior is just about complete and, shortly, you will see the landscaping and exterior signage. The landscaping is set to include extensive plantings within the interior of the loop road around the perimeter of the hospital. An elaborate healing garden at the main entrance of the hospital will also appear soon. Exterior signage will include entrance signs, various signs for direction throughout the campus and signs attached to the building.

Inside, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations are 90 percent complete. The walls, flooring, ceiling and painting are 50 percent complete. Our $24 million medical equipment plan is in the final stages of implementation. GE was selected as the primary vendor for imaging and monitoring equipment. Smaller packages of medical equipment are also being finalized and over the next seven months, fixed medical equipment will be installed. Simultaneously, furnishings, fixtures and moveable equipment will be finalized.

Additionally, the information technology and telecommunications infrastructure is being installed to support the electronic health record, telemetry and other wireless applications. Our new facility will provide a state-of- the-art backbone for present and future technology requirements.

Helping to shape the extensive New York State Department of Health’s inspection process, our leadership team has recently developed an internal process and a Steering Committee to carry out the large number of tasks related to final approval. This requires the assistance of department managers. An organization chart of the Steering Committee has been provided to all managers along with a detailed explanation of the information required for your department.
Once construction is complete, it will take an additional 14 weeks for the new hospital to become patient ready. This 14 week transition period is mapped out in a move management plan that is being developed with the input of all departments. It is anticipated that the facility will be fully operational in late summer 2011.

Fundraising is a significant component in making our new hospital a reality. To date, we have nearly reached our goal of $21 million for the project. I greatly appreciate your contributions.
There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and positive energy surrounding this endeavor. Thank you for all you’ve done in helping our organization reach so many project milestones. I encourage your continued support and cooperation as we work toward the final phases of construction in the coming year.

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