Friday, July 8, 2011

It's moving time!

Our move to the new hospital is here. This once in a lifetime, historic opportunity will allow us to bring the best possible healthcare to communities in the Hudson Valley. Our patients have high expectations of us, as they should. Exceeding these expectations belongs to each and every one of us. A brand new hospital means little if we don’t treat our patients and their families with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. Therefore, in addition to providing quality healthcare services, my expectation of all hospital family is to always model professional behavior. Greeting our patients and visitors with a smile and in a friendly manner makes an extraordinary difference. Going above and beyond has an exceptional impact.

We have a wonderful new state-of-the-art facility that will help us raise the level of quality healthcare throughout the region and enable us to provide new services and programs never imagined just a few years ago. I have no doubt that you will all take great care of our new home as if it were your own. Please treat our building, equipment and furnishings with respect because they need to last a long time. Always strive to maintain neatness, order and cleanliness no matter where you are in the hospital.

Your flexibility and patience is appreciated as we adjust to our new surroundings. Keep a positive attitude. Your co-workers and our patients will thank you for it.
Please remember that a strong team is virtually unstoppable and I know we all want our new hospital to be the best it can be. With your continuous dedication and compassion, Orange Regional Medical Center will lead the way and serve as a prime example of excellent healthcare in New York State and beyond.

I’ll see you in the new hospital.