Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the go!

We are going through a number of significant changes currently. Acknowledging that change can be exhilarating, challenging and exhausting it can also be stressful, even if it’s positive. Implementing the EHR system was a major, yet positive, change in how we do our work. Likewise, the new hospital will also bring about a drastic change to our work environment, our relationships with co-workers and, for some, their reporting structure. Nevertheless, we need to have extra patience and focus on the basics when at work. Amidst all these distractions that come with change, patients are always our number one priority. During the move to the new hospital, patient safety will remain our number one priority.

It’s important for us to recognize that we are all going through this stressful time together as preparations for our move continue. We must deal with our own stress in the best way possible so as not to compromise the delivery of services to our patients and for our own well being. Everyone copes with stress individually and I encourage you to deal with your stress in a positive way and that best suits you.

Regarding quality of care, we have been doing really well so far. As I round, I have received positive feedback from our patients about nursing care, physicians, food service and house-keeping. I have even heard that it’s quieter at night. It was incredible to see that inpatient satisfaction actually increased during the EHR implementation. That is an outstanding accomplishment!

Preparations for our occupancy at the new facility are quickly coming together as we are ready for yet another Department of Health building survey. Furnishing and moveable medical equipment installations have begun and the installation of fixed medical equipment is 95 percent complete. Artwork is scheduled to be delivered and displayed throughout the facility starting the week of July 11. Support departments will start moving in mid-July and the patient move is still on schedule for August 5, 2011.

Moving our patients is an enormously complex activity. We have planned the patient move for years with Orange Regional staff as well as with numerous Village, Town, City, County and State agencies. Of course, the most important and critical part of the plan is the detail surrounding the actual day that our patients move into the new hospital. That’s why on June 29, we will take the patient move plan, put it into motion and undergo a mock patient move. We will be transporting ‘patients’ (played by those who offer to volunteer) via ambulances from the Arden Hill and Horton Campuses to the new facility. Command Centers will be set up at all three locations.

Additionally, a comprehensive plan to safely and efficiently move departments, equipment, records and staff from the Arden Hill and Horton Campuses to the new hospital has been developed and is also coming to fruition. Each department has developed a plan that focuses on pre-move, move day and post-move activities. For details regarding your department’s move plan, please speak with your supervisor.

Over the next several weeks, please stay calm and focused on the basics of taking care of our patients. A brand new hospital means little if we cannot deliver exceptional healthcare to every patient, every time. I thank you for your effort and dedication in helping the organization reach this historic milestone. Keep up the great work!